Ooglijders Guesthouse Utrecht

In this project, led by Asnova Architecture, I cooperate with designteam Donders to draw for the elaborate project of Ooglijders Guesthouse in Utrecht. It is a beautiful transformation project, from a former schoolbuilding to high-end apartments. The combination of new and existing buildings makes for a complex and interesting project.


In the summer of 2018, I participated in the summer program of 100 Fold Studio in Montana, USA. It was an incredible inspiring time involving a lot of personal development. The end-project was a new-to-be-build stairway and involved all stages from design to construction.

Construction finised by the contractor!

The large barn including two bed&breakfast facilities in Doornspijk (NL) has reached the point of being wind and waterproof! That means that the contractor's construction work is finished. The interior works will be executed by the client himself.

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